The Coot (Alae keo keo)
published by Kara Gustafson



The coot or alae keo keo is an endangered duck- like bird that is endemic to Hawaii. The coot has slate gray feathers and unlike ducks the coot has lobed toes. The coot is a water bird that rarely flies. It can usually grow up to 15 1/2 inches tall. The coot makes his nest out vegetation so it will float on the water. The coot's eggs are light brown to black with purple spots. Then when the chick is born it is light brown.


The coot's diet mainly concentrates on vegetation. The coot gets it's food from beneath the water. There he can find seeds and stems. To a coot that's a yummy meal.


The coot is a water bird that mainly spends his time in thewater. The coot loves free open water so if you are looking for one you would go to a lake or a pond. You can find them on the islands of Maui, Kauai and Oahu. The coot likes fresh or salt water, marshes and ponds.

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Why the Coot is Endangered

The coot is endangered because of peoples mistakes. For example where Waikiki is today marshes covered the land. Then suddenly as though a tornado wiped through it, it was all destroyed! Also the Mongooses, cats, and dogs are threats to the Hawaiian coot.

What is Being Done?

Knowing what was happening the government made laws against harming the coot. Today the coot's homes are protected by law. With these laws the number of coots have been increasing rather than decreasing.

My Plans for the Coot

My plans for the coot is to have a coalition to help save them. I would have buttons, stickers, shirts and flyers. Each one would tell a little bit about the coot. We would do ads on the radio and TV. Our goal is to spread the word about the coot. My coalition would be the Conserve coot coalition.

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