published by: Allyce Akao

The 'akepa is one of the many endangered species of the world. The 'akepa is very endangered, and it is actually very close to extinction. The 'akepa is endemic to us and also very hard to find. Our endangered bird, the 'akepa, eats mostly only caterpillars, big spiders, and the nectar of the ohia flower. The ohia nectar is only their last resort if they need something to eat.

It's easy to spot the 'akepa because of its colorful colors. The 'akepa is a very bright but a hard to find bird. Males are brownish orange with brown sprinkles that are kind of like diamonds all over the body. Their wings are dark brown black and the 'akepa has very unique green orange webs. Female 'akepas have yellow splashed crowns. Wings of the female 'akepas are a mix between olive green and jungle green and the rest of the body is dull golden yellow. Adult 'akepas are usually four to five inches in width. Baby 'akepas are about one in a half inches.

Listen to the sound of the Akepa


The 'akepa bird lives on the main islands of Kauai, Hawaii, and of Maui. On Maui the 'akepa lives an the northern slopes of. On the other islands it lives just about anywhere. The endangered 'akepa lives in just about any tree they can find that is strong. They don't live in any particular tree at all.

The 'akepas are endangered for many reasons. Humans are taking habitats from all the birds of the world including the 'akepa. This leaves the 'akepa homeless with nowhere to live. But that's not all that we do. We also bring alien invaders to either push out other animals or the alien invaders eat all of their food supply. We are not the only ones that make it worse, there also natural ways or things that are destroying the 'akepa. There is this little fly that's putting in a disease into the 'akepa's blood. It drains the blood out and put's in the deadly disease. Those are only some of the reasons the 'akepa is endangered.

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