The Giant Panda of China
The Giant Panda is a rare and endangered indigenous animal of China. It is found on the western part of Sichuan, the southern slopes of Qinling Mountains and Western County of Ganxu. The population of the Giant Panda has declined tremendously over the years due to lost of habitat.

Due to different habitat and climate in the wild, the Giant Panda generally lives in alpine bamboo forests 1200-3500 meters above sea level where there is adequate rain, rich water resource and suitable temperature. It is good at climbing trees and also likes to play in the snow. Its main food is various kinds of bamboo growing in the mountains. It is solitary except during the breeding season. It does not like to live in groups. Generally 1-2 cubs are born usually in rock caves. The new born cubs is very small and pink in color with sparse hair.

The first Giant Panda that was bred successfully occurred in 1963. The Chinese government regards the Giant Panda as a symbol of friendship and has sent it to many countries as gifts.

Click here to view a special slide show of the Giant Panda. Photos were taken at the Beijing Zoo in November 2002. Photos may be used for educational use and asking for permission isn't required.

photos by Lena Kanemori

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