Other Great Endangered Species Websites:

ThinkQuest Endangered Species Websites: Intereactive websites created for students and published by students - Highly recommended.

Endangered Species and Habitats: published by National Wildlife Federation: Links inlcude Learning About Endangered Species, Endangered Species Fact Sheet Sites, Issues, Endangered Habitat news, etc.

ENDANGERED! Exploring a World at Risk: (c) 1996 American Museum of Natural History, an exhibition tour of the world of endangered species. Find out what it means to be endangered by reading the "The Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog". Featuring the following endangered species: Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephants, Northern Spotted Owl, Karner Blue Butterfly, American Burying Beetle, Goliath Frog, Cheetah, Whooping Cran, American Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, California Condor, Black Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog, Gray Wolf, American Bison, Gila Monster, Queen Conch, Delhi Sands Fly, Woodland Caribou and etc. Abundant information, so don't miss this tour.

The Wild Ones: (c) Wildlife Preservation Trust International, This site is especially unique because it features scientists that students may write to for information. It features projects that teachers may join, and it also features endangered animals such as the Mauritius Kestrel, Pink pigeon, Asian Elephants, Aye-aye, and etc.

Endangered Species Scratchpad: This Endangered Species Scratchpad is an intensive resource listing of endangered species sites and is dedicated to the many supporters on the web of our endangered species.

Endangered Species. com - the Rarest Info Around

Endangered Species: list of endangered and extinct species in the United States

Threatened Animals of the World: list of threatened, extinct and endangered species in the world

Endangered Species of Canada: explains why Canada's species are endangered, describes some of Canada's endangered species: Peary Caribou, Eastern Cougar, Vancouver Island Marmot, Beluga Whale, Right Whale, Whooping Crane, Spotted Owl, Harlequin Duck, Piping Plover, Blanchard's Cricket Frog, Leatherback Turtle and The Blue Racer, Acadian Whitefish, Aurora Trout, Western Prairie White Fringed Ochid

Environmental Education on the Internet

Investigating Endangered Species in the Classroom

Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse: This site is dedicated to the Tallgrass Prairies, Wetlands and Woodlands in Iowa. Features endangered species in Iowa

North Dakota's Endangered Species: Features the Least Tern, Bald Eagle, Whooping Crane, Peregrine Falcon,Black-footed Ferret, Pallid Sturgeon, Gray Wolf, Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, and the Piping Plover

Endangered Species Images : 60 photos of endangered species and its location

Endangered Species Program

Recreation: Animals, Insects, and Pets: Wildlife: Endangered Species

Endangered Species Update

Endangered Species and Habitat: includes photos and description of the Marbled Murrelet, Northern Goshawks, Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Hawaii flycatcher, Hawaiian crow, and Oregon Silverspot Butterfly

Regional Concerns

Lindsay's Endangered Species Page: a delightful website with great photos and description of endangered species such as the falcons, black footed ferrets, wolves, manatee, red wolves, tigers, and etc.

Alberta's At-Risk Wildlife

Terra's Animal Page: great description and photos of Alberta, Canada's Endangered Species

The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species

Endangered Species Act of 1973

1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals


Wild Things: and if you love the cheetahs, you will love this site.
Threatened Animals of the World: A Practical Web Page for Educators!

Threatened and Endangered Animal Species-Found on the National Wildlife Refuge System graphic links of animals included

Duke University Primate Center Research, Education, and Conservation to Save Endangered Lemurs, Lorises & other Prosimians

Endangered Species Websites for Kids: Yahooligan's website for kids and teens

Mediterranean Monk Seal

The Raptor Center: Includes an overview of what is the purpose of the Raptor Center, frequently asked questions about raptors, and information and photos about the endangered species, the peregrin falcon and the bald eagle

Cheetah Spot: The Cheetah is featured with description, photos, sound and etc.

Turtle Trax-A Sea Turtle Page: If you're interested in knowing what's happening to our sea turtles, this is the site to view. Also included is a "kidz korner".

Will the Web Save the Rail?: Clapper Rails are endangered in San Diego, California, find out why by going to this site

All Endangered Species at Potter Park Zoo: Endangered species listed by regions with descriptions and photos

Purina C.A.R.E.S: Conservation of Animals Reaching Extinct Status - excellent site about the Rhinos and other information about endangered species

Green Kids Guide to Endangered Species : the Tasmanian tiger is gone forever - 9 ways you can help endangered species from becoming extinct

Ivory Haven-Laura The Elephant's House on The WebThis site is for elephant lovers who are concerned about elephants that are endangered.
Endangered Species in the State of Michigan: Students from a Michigan school share their report of Michigan's endangered species.

If you know of a great endangered species website for students and/or teachers, please E-mail Lena Kanemori its URL. Mahalo.

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