Laysan Duck
by Janelle Chanin, 4th grade

The Laysan ducks live mostly on Laysan island. Some live also in captivity. It is very sad that there are about 600 left counting the ones in captivity. I think everybody should stop bringing predators on the island and stop bothering them.

Laysan ducks mostly eat insects like the larvae of the lepidopterous insect. Their favorite insect is the cutworm. Sometimes they eat the larvae and pupae of beetles or flies. They can survive without freshwater for a long time. They will sometimes drink salt water.

Male and female Laysan Ducks do not look alike at all. The male is brown with a black face. They have deep orange feet, and the male also has a bluish green bill. They have black spots on upper mandible. Half of them have upturned tails. Females tend to have more white on their body. They also have a brownish yellow bill. Both sexes are about 15-17 tall. They have a bright purple speculum. They also both have a white patch around there eye.

Laysan Ducks are most active at night. They find most of their food along the lagoon, and they lay 4-6 greenish bluish eggs. They nest along vegetation. A few of them live on Lisianski island, and they are not migratory.

The Laysan duck is endangered because hunters hunt them, and they are losing their habitat. Also rabbits are killing the vegetation that they nest on. Accidentally predators get on the island and are harming them.