The Hawaiian Hawk, 'Io
Daniel Perez, 4th grade

The 'Io is an endangered bird in Hawaii. It was thought to be near extinction in 1939. This beautiful bird has two 'morphs' ( body shades ). It has a light "morph " and a dark "morph " . The light morph is mostly light brown on top of the bird and a whitish brownish shade on its stomach. The dark "morph" has a dark brown on top of the bird and a light brown on its belly. The 'Io's size varies from 16-18 inches tall. Its diet consists of rats, small birds, and stream animals. The 'Io has one main habitat and two other places that you can occasionally see them. Its main habitat is the Big Islandıs forests. The other places that you can see the 'Io occasionally are in Maui and Kauai.

The 'Io is endangered for two main reasons: hunting for sport and habitat destruction. The biggest cause is habitat destruction. The way we are helping the 'Io is by making it illegal to hunt 'Ios for sport. Also the I'o is protected by the Endangered Species Act. It's amazing how fast the 'Io has recovered in these past years. The 'Io was in grave danger before today. We do not want our other animals to get as close to extinction as the 'Io was. So, we should all try to protect our environment and especially their habitat.

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