Hawaii's Endangered Species Websites:

Hawaii's Endangered and Threatened Species: A highly recommended site created by the staff of Hawaii's Bishop Museum for anyone who is studying Hawaii's endangered and threatened species. It includes images, links, database, descriptions, and publications.

NOAA Research Vessel Townsend Cromwell Student Connection: This site is geared towards students interested in Hawaii's marine wildlife and enviornment. The site allows students to track the activities of a federal research vessel working to protect Hawaii's monk seals, lobsters, birds, fish, and environment. The site is updated twice a week with photos and descriptions of activities in the Hawaiian archipelago. The site also allows students to email the vessel with twice a week with photos and descriptions of activities in the Hawaiian archipelago. The site also allows students to email the vessel with specific questions about the boats work. This is a great resource forstudents and teachers alike

Conservation Hawaii:An education site offering various paths to a better understanding of Hawai`i's unique and endangered environment and the need to balance natural resource protection with the demands of a growing human population

Hawaii's Endangered and Extinct Birds:includes written description and drawings of the following endangered native birds: Kauai akailoa, Kauai ou, and the Kauai o'o.

Hawaii's Endangered Species: This website includes an updated list of Hawaii's endangered and threatened species.

Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project: This site is the entry point for information on alien species in Hawaii compiled by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project.

Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Website created by the staff of NOAA, National Oceanic Admospheric Administration. It describes the purpose of the sanctuary

Hawaii's Marine Wildlife: Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, and Seals, A Course of Study: includes suggested activities for the teacher

Virtual Whales: computer graphics, visualization of Humpback whales

Humpback Whales provides the history of the humpback whale and how it became endangered

Nene O Moloka'i, Hawaii's Nene Goose: excellent description and great photos

'I'iwi-Hawaiian Honeycreeper

Environment Hawaii: reporting on controversial environmental issues- the endangered alala bird

Endangered Species: Honu, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle: description and photos of the Honu

Endangered Species: Frohawk's Hawaiian Birds: includes description and photos

Our Environment: topics include Hawaii's extinction crises, how are we losing it, what is being done, etc.

National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii: click on map showing different Wildlife Refuge areas for endangered species

Flora: The Mystery of Migration: explains why so many plants in Hawaii are extinct or endangered

Forest Birds: Hawaii: describes some of the common endangered birds in Hawaii

Who's Who Underwater at Honokowai: meet some local Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles from Honokowai, Maui..includes super photos of the green sea turtles and a history about them.

Threats to Hawaiian Ecosystem

Ecosystem Management Program: It describes the Army's program for ecosystem management, including T&E management at its training areas.

A Sample of Heritage Rare Taxon Information : Oahu Tree Snail

Plant Conservation in the Hawaiian Archipelago: a dissertation by Germain Mesureur

Hawaiian Birds: a majestic photo of the 'iiwi by photographer Jim Denny

French Frigate Shoals: A retired Lt., Jerry Lentz, shares his observations of animals such as the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Hawaiian Greeen Sea Turtle at the French Frigate Shoals. Also view Jerry's French Frigate Shoals Today Website.


If you know of a great endangered species website for students and/or teachers, please E-mail Lena Kanemori its URL. Mahalo.

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