Foreign invaders such as the goats and the Argentine Ants also contributed in causing our famous Silversword to become endangered. Many years ago people thought the Silversword was snow on Haleakala (inactive volcano) located on the island of Maui. The feral goats which were brought in as a source of food by the Europeans have turned many of the endangered Silverswords into stumps by crushing and eating them. The Argentine ant is a new and deadly foe to Hawaii's Silversword. They eat the larvae of the native yellow-faced bees, important pollinators of the Silversword. Without the bees to pollinate the Silversword, it won't be able to produce seeds.

People today are also responsible for the decline of our native species. People are polluting our environment which is causing harm to our native species' habitats. Irresponsible people smuggle in illegal reptiles such as iguanas, alligators, and snakes which are turned loose into the wild when they are too big or too hard to take care of. These pets then become predators of our native species and disturb nestlings of native birds. Also people invade the ocean and beaches that use to be breeding grounds for
Green Sea Turtles, and the Hawaiian Monk Seals.

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