The Hawaiian
Hoary Bat
CJ Wright, 4th grade

The Hawaiian bat is one of the three endangered mammals of Hawaii. The Hawaiian bat is endangered because of man. We are destroying its habitat. The Hawaiian bat is very unique. It is perhaps the rarest bat in the world, and it is small for its species. Its height can range from three and a half inches-four inches tall. Its wingspan can range from 6-7 inches long. The Hawaiian bat eats moths, mosquitoes, and termites.

It is unique from other animals because it hunts with echolocation. This method works by the bat sending out a series of squeaks. When these squeaks hit something they bounce back, and the bat can practically see what the squeaks hit. The Hawaiian bat has to use this method since they are almost blind in the dark.

The Hawaiian bat lives on the three islands called the big island of Hawaii, Lanai'i, and Maui. On these islands the Hawaiian bat usually perches in trees or sometimes in small caves.

We are helping the Hawaiian bat by replanting the forests which they roost in and also the Endangered Species Act protects them.

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