Write your message on the beach of Hawaii!

An Internet Island EXCLUSIVE! Mo'o and Lolo spent some time at the beach writing and drawing in the sand... they soon realized how fin it was and have figured out a way to let YOU write a message in the beach of Hawaii and send it to someone on the 'net! Simply fill out the information below and press Send Your Message. Your message will be sent via email to whoever you choose and shown to you just as your recipient will see it! Enjoy!

Message to:
Their email address:
Password so they may retrive their message:
First Line of your message: (up to 21 Charaters)
Second Line of your Message: (Optional) (up to 21 Charaters)
Third Line of your Message: (Optional) (up to 21 Charaters)
Your name:
Your email address:


Show you care, send a Bear!

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