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The Hawaiian language is very important in perpetuating the Hawaiian culture. The purpose of this Hawaiian dictionary is for entertainment and to create interests in the Hawaiian language and culture. We here at Hisurf do not claim to beprofessionals of the Hawaiian language, but we believe in it's importance to the people of Hawai'i and their culture. Perpetuation of this once dying language is important for the future of the Hawaiian people, the more people that know about Hawaiian culture, the stronger it becomes. Thorough definitions and larger number of Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian words can be found in Pukui and Elbert's Hawaiian Dictionary. Unfortunately our database could not support the MACRONS or KAHAKOs in the font. We apologize for that. Thank you for coming to our Hawaiian Dictionary On-line site, we hope you enjoy your visit at Internet Island!

ALOHA, Hisurfers

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