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Waikiki Aquarium

Reef TankMo'o: Wow! We're actually at the Waikiki Aquarium! Man, I'm glad we're Kama'aina or else we'd have to dish out $6.00 instead of $4.00.
Lolo: Yeah! Eh, did you see the sign that said there were monks on display? Do you think the monks here wear brown thingies and walk around bald like the ones in Europe?
Mo'o: Lolo! That's Monk Seal.... Monk... S E A L. As in the sea mammal?
Lolo: Oh cool! So that means I can confess to them while we go swimming?
Mo'o: NO Lolo NOT a Monk who is a SEAL, it's the name given to the indigenous Hawaiian Seal. This adorable creature happens to be one of the very few native animals to have been here when the first Polynesian settlers arrived in Hawai'i. Here, let's go vist them!

The Waikiki Aqurium which was established in 1904 has just recently been renovated three years ago in 1993. Noted as the home for three of Hawai'i's monk seals, the aquarium is also recognized for its exhibt in diverse tropical life as found in the Hawaiian off-shore waters. Some of these displays include an astonishing exhibition of jellyfish and an indoor shark tank. A simulated reef can be found outside. Here, with the supervision of a trained specalist, you can actually handle a starfish, hermitcrab, or even a sea urchin. The Waikiki Aquarium is the third oldest aquarium in the United States and closely affiliated with the Universtiy of Hawai'i.

During our visit to the Aquarium, we spotted the nautilus! Did you know the Waikiki Aquarium was the first in North America to hatch these unique creatures? The Jelly fish display was most notable for it's beautiful electricity-like glowing appearence. This created a sensational site for all visitors as they entered the Aquariums main show room!Monk Seal

There is a huge map on the wall with lights depicting where certain breeds of fish live. By clicking on the type of fish on a console in front of the map, a school of lights will jump to life showing you where this breed lives. We also learned about how to protect Hawaii's natural streams and habitat from becoming mutated, and from turning into werido types of fish. We learned not to put different species of fish bought from an aquarium into our streams, because by doing so we may endanger the fish that are already there!

As we exited we saw the wonderful Mahi Mahi tank and watched them race in circles around their tank. Lastly you can stop off at the Aquarium Gift Boutique which has stuffed aquarium animals as well as many souvineirs and books about sealife and Hawaii. Mo'o got this cool crushed stamped penny that has the Waikiki Aquariums Logo on it!!

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