Iolani Palace

The 'Iolani Palace

Lolo: Wow! Check out that big building!
Mo'o: It's the 'Iolani Palace Lolo! Did you know that's where, Queen Lili'uokalani, Hawai'i's last reigning monarch lived?
Lolo: No but that flower hut over there is pretty cool lookin.
Mo'o: *Sigh*... that's the Coronation Stand Lolo. That's where King Kalakaua and Queen Kapi'olani held their grand coronation. The Royal Hawaiian Band uses it now for concerts given every Friday noon to the general public.Coronation Stand
Lolo: Let's go pick some flowers Mo'o...
Mo'o: Lolo! Did you hear anything I said?
Lolo: Yeah of course, you said that it's the Carnation Stand. That's where the King and Queen held their grand carnation party. Now the carnations are given out by The Hawaiian Royal Band every Friday noon to the general public. How nice of them yeah?
Mo'o: *Sigh*... alright Lolo... I give up... let's go look at the flower hut.

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The 'Iolani Palace which is located in downtown Honolulu was completed in 1882 by the late King Kalakaua. It costed the reigning monarch a little more then $350,000 to complete and three years to build. The interior of the palace is graced with European style furniture which boldly reflects the forigen culture on old Hawaii. Both King Kalakaua and his sister Queen Lili'uokalani lived in the palace utill 1893 when a group of American businessm en staged a coup d'etat and abolished the monarchy. In 1895 after a vain retaliation led by the Queens royalist, Lili'uokalani was returned to the palace and ultimately convicted of high treason. Here she was held under house arrest and prisoner of the provisional government on the second floor of her own palace. Later the palace was used as a capitol for the different governments of Hawai'i. However, the state legislature and administration moved into a newly built capitol and 'Iolani palace was left to neglect for 75 years. Then in 1969 after the realization that the palace was in serious need of repairs, action was taken to restore it. The builders took 9 years and $6 million before Hawai'i could be presented with 'Iolani palace in her original brilliance. Currently, the 'Iolani Palace is opened to all visitors who are willing to experience this historical landmark as it once was more then 114 years ago. Till this day the'Iolani Palace remains to be the only royal palace on American soil.

Tours are conducted 9:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday. Advance reservations. Call 538-1471 for information on palace tours or 522-0832 for reservations.

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