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Moving to Hawaii - Planning Your Move to Hawaii

You're planning on moving to Hawaii and you want to know a little more about what to expect. Well you came to the right site. Here we'll help you with your move to Hawaii. Wether you're looking to rent or buy a home in Hawaii we can help you here.

Where to live in Hawaii: The State of Hawaii is actually comprised of seven islands with the majority of population living on the island of Oahu. This page is focused on moving and living on the island of Oahu.

Looking to buy a house, townhouse, or an apartment in Hawaii? These links will help.
Pre-owned homes:
Hawaii Real Estate Central - The Honolulu Board of Realtors web site.
Open House Hawaii - Homes & Land of Honolulu & Oahu magazine.
Open House Illustrated - Publisher of one of Hawaii's real estate tabloids.
For Sale By Owner - Homes sold by their owners, your chance to get a deal.
Hawaii Real Estate - One of Hawaii largest brokers.
Prudential Locations - One of Hawaii's largest brokers, but you will need to contact an agent to gain access to their VERY comprehinsive site.

New Home Developments:

Castle & Cooke Hawaii - A very active developer of homes in central Oahu, about 20 minutes from downtown Honolulu.
Schuler Homes - Developer of new homes in Oahu's second city Kapolei.
Haseko Homes - Master Builders of Ocean Pointe, a master planned community.
Stanford Carr Development - Developing master-planned communities with innovative site planning.

Getting Married in Hawaii:

Hawaii Wedding Photographers - Find a Hawaii wedding photographer for your Hawaiian wedding.
Web www.hisurf.com
Priceline Mortgage
Name Your Own Rate!
Looking to buy a car when you get to Hawaii?
Search Hawaii's largest database of cars.
Buy a car on cars.com
Moving Boxes & Supplies


Looking to rent a house, townhouse, or an apartment in Hawaii? These links will help.
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Rental Classifieds - A newspaper Hawaii with the largest selection of rentals on the island of Oahu.
Rentals Illustrated - Rentals in Hawaii, including pictures.
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Find a job in Hawaii:

Looking for work? Visit HotJobs.com

Books on Moving to Hawaii...

Affordable Paradise
by H. Skip Thomsen
How to Live in Hawaii on $1000 Per Month
by Yolanda J. Benham
Living and Retiring in Hawaii: The 50th State in the 21st Century
by James R., Ph.D. Smith, B. S. Diane Smith
So You Want to Live in Hawaii
by Toni Polancy, et al
Driving and Discovering Oahu
by Richard Sullivan
Driving & Discovering Hawaii: Maui and Molokai
by Richard Sullivan


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