King Kamehameha Statue

Mo'o: Ho Lolo, did you see that huge statue over there! You know who dat is?
Lolo: Of course! Dat's King Kamehameha the Great! He's the one!
Mo'o: Which one?
Lolo: Let's go pick some flowers Mo'o...
Mo'o: Lolo! Did you hear anything I said?
Lolo: You know, the first guy to make a Sandwhich Island!
Mo'o: *Sigh*... Oh Lolo, I think you better read what the Hisurf Staff has written below.

The Kamehameha Statue which was erected in honor of King Kamehameha I is located across King Street from the 'Iolani Palace. Kamehameha was a young Hawaiian warrior whose name meant "the lonely one." Born in 1756 and who died in 1819 from an illness, Kamehameha the Great is known for unifying the main Hawaiian islands, except for Kauai and Ni'ihau in 1795 for the first t ime. On Kamehameha Day, which is also a state holiday for Hawai'i, the statue is most impressive with it's neck, shoulders and arms draped with numerous long flower leis. These leis can measure up to 18 feet in length.

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