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Iao Needle

Iao NeedleMo'o: Wow! Check out that mountain over there!
Lolo: Haha... yeah.. it even kinda looks like that po'o of yours..
Mo'o: Po'o? What's that?
Lolo: Why don't you go look it up in the Hawaiian dictionary!
Mo'o: *Ahaha* okay smarty pants, but only after we go look at that mountain! You know Lolo... did you notice that it kinda looks someones head that we know?

The Iao Needle, which happens to be one of Maui's natural landforms, is nestled in the Iao Valley State Park located on the island of Maui. Here a historical battle between Maui's defenders and King Kamehameha's army took place. In this battle, Kamehameha's army literally crushed Maui's troops with western cannons which they adopted into their fighting tactics. As a outcome of this gruesome display of victory the Iao Stream was dammed with piles of dead bodies blocking the flow of the water. To this day the area is named Kepaniwai, which means "damming of the waters." This landmark is one of the few sites that should not be missed by visiting tourists.

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