Diamond Head Crater

Diamond Head - Easily Hawaii's most recognizable landmark it is actually an extinct volcanic crater. Called Lea'hi by the Hawaiians, it received its famous nickname from British sailors in the mid 1820's after they mistakenly took worthless calcite deposits for diamonds. Historic tradition places the Papaenaena heiau ( Hawaiian temple ) just east of it's forward summit. This Heiau is reputed to be where King Kamehameha the Great ordered human sacrifices to the gods following his conquest of Oahu in 1795.

Experienced hikers can reach the 760 foot summit by following the marked trail located on the inside of the crater. This spirited little hike takes you through abandoned World War II bunkers and leads to one of the most memorable views of Waikiki available. Please be sure to check the weather conditions prior to attempting the hike as wind and rain can make this jaunt very hazardous.

The beautiful girl you see in this picture is one of our very own staff members who periled the heights of Diamond Head to bring you this fantastic view of Waikiki.

Note: Mo'o and Lolo were unfortunatly unable to join her due to a fear of heights.

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