The Hawaiian Aloha Shirt
sometimes called the Hawaii shirt

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More about the Aloha shirt or sometimes called the Hawaii shirt, Hawaiian shirt.

Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

So what's the deal is a Aloha shirt or Hawaii shirt? The history behind this Hawaiian shirt can be linked to the 19th century western missionaries who visited Hawaii. They inmposed a dress code and felt that it would be more appropriate, if the Hawaiian natives were covered. With then new rule in place, missionary seamstressess were forced to use various fabrics that were available in order to clothed everyone. It wasn't until the 1930's that the modern Hawaiian Aloha shirt, started to be commerically manufactured and produced. Aloha Shirt Sale

Chinese merchant Ellery Chun of King-Smith Clothiers and Dry Goods owned a store in Waikiki. Chun began sewing brightly colored short-sleeved shirts for tourists out of old leftover kimono fabrics.

The Hawaiian Aloha shirts were purchased by residents and tourists. On June 28, 1935, the first advertisement placed in the Honolulu Advertiser used the words "Aloha Shirt" to describe Ellery Chun's Hawaiian shirts. Throughout the years, the Aloha shirt has been a favorite of Hawaii residents. The modern Aloha shirt is considered a form of formal wear in Hawaii, and thus are regarded as equivalent to a coat and tie.

World's largest Men's Aloha Shirts was created by Hilo Hattie in March of 1999. Click here to read more about this record breaking Hawaii Shirt.

Examples of Hawaii Aloha Shirt
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