The Story Of Gen
Aunty Leilani said all you Keiki's gotta go bed early tonight so I going rip one fast one, okay? Here goes...

Once upon one other time, there was one little boy named Kalani. Now Kalani was always hungry for eat all kind ono stuffs. Poi, sushi, kim chee, adobo, plate lun ch, any kind stuffs this kid went eat. His mother used to worry about it so she went to the Kahuna down at the clinic and asked how for control this buggah from eating her out of house and ho me.

"I went try everything already" said the mother. "I went even tie'um down to the bed so he no wake up and grind in the middle of the night, but he went eat the ropes and then he when raid the ice box. After that he was still hungry so h e went to the next door neighbor's house and cleaned out his ice box too! What I should do now?"

The Kahuna thought about it for a little bit then said "Get one Ling Hi Mui and lock'um up in one big strong metal box. Then throw away the key. Next, take all the food out of your neighborhood for one week. When Kalani get hungry he going knock himself out trying for get the Ling Hi Mui out of the box. Let him try until he give up. Once he give up trying for get the food, he going catch on that so metimes he no can eat whenever he like. After that he should be cured."

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