Hawaiian Fairy TalesThen, Da Papa and Da Mama went upstairs and saw Pupule-locks crashed out on the floor. "Rush'um!!" said Da Pops, and the both tore into the sleeping Tita full on. Hooo Baby!! That was one beef and a half. The walls broke, the floor brok e, the roof caved in, the dust and smoke was flying everywhere!!! Then, silence.

As the dust settled you could see a lone figure stuffing two groaning fur balls into some Tupperware.Pupule-locks was victorious and was packing up Da Papa and Da Mama for take home and stuff." You guys going make some choice beer can holders" said the hulking tita. Then all of one sudden Pupule-locks dropped the Tupperware and started to slowly back off. Her eyes was glazed, the pupils dilated, she was staring straight ahead. It was Da Junior Boy.

"Wise Up!" said Da Junior Boy. "Nobody eats my pochogeese bean soup without asking" and with that he busted out two plantation issue sugar cane knives,six hand polished Koa hunting spears, and a WWII surplus bazooka.

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