Hawaiian Folk TalesJust then, the mongooses came tearing up the driveway. Da Pops got out of the car first and saw the front door lying in the yard. "What's the scoops with the door?" he screamed. "Confunn'it ! I going kick somebodies Okole but good for this !!" Da Pops went dig into the house with Da Mama right behind.

"My Soup!!" yelled Da Mama. "Somebody went scarf all my soup!!" And with that she picked up the 9 pound ball peen hammer she used for make poi, and followed Da Pops into the living room.

Da Mama was still staring at all the broken chairs when Da Pops said "I think somebody stay snoring upstairs!" Da Mama listened and nodded her head. "Whoever that is, the buggah going get some slaps from me!"

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