Of course nobody was home but she was just checking. Then she gingerly ripped the door out of the frame and went inside. The first thing she smelled was the pochogeese bean soup! So she went into the kitchen, picked up the 20 gallon pot off t he stove, and proceeded to grind. "Okole Maluna" she grunted as she inhaled the whole thing, one time. "Not bad." she blurted as she exhaled." "Mo bettah than the Punahou carnival one."
Hawaiian Fairy Tales

After tanking down the appetizer, Pupule-locks decided to crash out. She went through the living room and totaled all the chairs on her way to find the bedroom. "Never can find one toothpick when you need one." she said, as she picked up a shattered 2x4 a nd started to work'em through the gaps in her teeth. Then she trashed all the beds, pulled off the mattresses, threw'em on the floor, and crashed.

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