Pupule-Locks And The Three Mongeese

Once upon one time, lived three mongooses. Da Pops, Da Mama, and Da Junior Boy. One day Da Mama made some really onolicious pochogeese bean soup for eat but the stuff was smokin' hot. So before anybody had to call 911 to report multiple seco nd degree burns, Da Papa said "Eh, We go out cruising for little while." So Da Papa, Da Mama, and Junior Boy piled into their '68 Rambler and peeled out of the driveway.

Just after they left, a large shadowy figure came out from behind the keawe bushes next to the house. The buggah was about 582 pounds, 5 foot tall, had one straight Errol Flynn mustache, badoingy hair, tank top, buss'up baggy's, three missing teeth i n the front, one big eyebrow going all the way across the forehead, and two different kind slippers. Whoa! This was one ugly Tita! You could tell was one Wahine 'cuz of the braided under arm hairs and lipstick. Anyways, this girl was named Pupule-locks. S o Pupule-locks went strutting up the walkway to the front door and yelled "If you no open this door right now I going come inside and broke your face!".

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