When they arrived at the top of the mountain, Elelu saw that the coconut tree looked even more enticing up close. He was so thirsty, and the coconuts looked so good, that h e decided to drink one. As soon as Mo`o saw what Elelu was doing, he tried to stop him, but It was too late... Lightning flashed across the sky, the roar of thunder shook the ground and Wikiwiki-Coconut-Tiki looked down on his two boys and said "Why hast thou disobeyed me? Had I not commanded that thou not partake of my sacred coconut treeee!!!" All Mo`o and Elelu could do was to lower their heads in shame . Wikiwiki-Coconut-Tik i then went on to say, " Since thou hast disobeyed me, thou shalt be cursed to have bodies like those of coconuts. Thou shalt be able to return to thy normal form only after thou hast spread the the Aloha Spirit to one trillion Internet Island visitor' s. And as for you Elelu, from this day forward you shall be called Lolo instead of Elelu."

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